"'And you've quite given [writing] up?' asked Christine.
'Not altogether...but I'm writing living epistles now,' said Anne, thinking of Jem and Co."
- Anne of Ingleside, L.M. Montgomery

The Kiddos

Captain Silly Wiggles

Cap is 5 years old.  He gets his nickname from his love of playing "law-abiding pirate" and because he is always wanting to show off his "silliest wiggles".  Cap's favorites are baseball (especially the Cardinals), catching toads in the backyard, being Luigi while his Dad plays Mario, telling jokes, dress-up and cuddling with his baby sister. 

Skidamarink is 3 years old. His nickname comes from his favorite song. "Skidamarinky dinky dink. Skidamarinky doo. I love you!".  He's a fearless boy who delights in scaring mommy by trying things I'm not always sure he's ready for.  It's a good thing he's incredibly sure-footed and tough.  His favorites are coloring, playing outside, dinosaurs, Smurfs and doing anything his big brother is doing.


Sunny is the newest addition to our family.  Her nickname is a reference to her middle name and the song that the boys most like to sing to her.  We're still getting to know our littlest love.  So far, we know that she's a strong, happy, extremely laid-back little lady who doesn't bat an eye at all of the chaos that comes from having two very active older brothers.  Every last one of us is head-over-heels for our sweet baby girl.