"'And you've quite given [writing] up?' asked Christine.
'Not altogether...but I'm writing living epistles now,' said Anne, thinking of Jem and Co."
- Anne of Ingleside, L.M. Montgomery

The ? of School

Okay, so it's not really a question anymore. 

We have decided that we will begin homeschooling Cap this fall for kindergarten.  We've spent more than a year now thinking, talking, praying, researching and considering our options and are confident that homeschooling is the best decision for our family and specifically for Cap at this point in our lives.  My hope is that, as we share our decision with our family and friends, this page will provide some insight into what in the world we are thinking and why we have decided to set out on what undoubtedly seems to be a very strange road.  We invite you to read these posts.  Mostly we want you to know that we love all of our children very much and have earnestly sought the best road for them.  We wouldn't be choosing this path if we didn't whole-heartedly believe that it is in their very best interest.

The Biggest Decision so far...
A Balanced Perspective
Continuing Past Conversations
A Conversation with a Homeschool Graduate
The Most Important Consideration
Back to School and Other News
Reason #1: Peace
And We're Back
Reason #2: Flexibility
Yet Another Option
Reason #3: Interest-Led Learning
Reason #4: Learning Styles
Big Questions & Another Reason
Reason #5:  Socialization & Real-World Opportunity
Reason #6: Childhood!
What's Coming in the Fall for Cap & Skid?
Interesting & Informative Articles, Blogs & Websites